How to get the most out of your visit to the Museum of Illusions Chicago!

Every museum will tell you this, but the trick to get the most out of your museum visit is to be engaged.  This is particularly important at the Museum of Illusions Chicago where you are immersed in many of the exhibits and your creativity can magnify the illusion.  There are also some illusions that depending on the person, may be difficult to see or comprehend.  There are descriptions next to each exhibit which explain the background on the illusion.  These will also help understand what you may or may not be seeing.  I strongly encourage you to read each description even if think you know what is happening in a particular illusion.  It’s quite possible you will be wildly amazed.

There is an amazing opportunity to be creative at the Museum of Illusions Chicago.  I strongly encourage everyone to follow Museum of Illusions on Facebook and Instagram and also the hashtag #moichicago before they visit.  Here you will see awesome ideas from posts by other visitors and also museum staff, and these can help you create your own illusions.  Begin thinking and creating your poses before you arrive.  Share these ideas with the family and friends who will be accompanying you at the museum.  The white lighting throughout the museum is amazing for perfectly lit photos.  Remember to use your flash in the kaleidoscope however.  Its essential to get light bouncing around inside the kaleidoscope for the best photos.  When you are at the museum, please don’t hesitate to ask staff members to take your picture or ask for suggested poses.  The museum also has pictures posted next to many of the master illusions which will give you an idea of how to take the picture.  Maybe even make a quick TikTok!  You have the ability to create your own unique experience.  Have fun with your creation!

Arrive at the museum fashionable but not fashionably late.  Its important for everyone’s museum experience that ticketed arrival times are followed.  This will help with the flow throughout the museum and maximize everyone’s visit.  Please come dressed comfortable and appropriate for the season.  There is a coat room for outerwear which its use is strongly encouraged so visitors are more comfortable experiencing the museum.  Purses and bags can easily be set to the side when taking a picture if you want to hold onto them while viewing the museum.  Come with your phone and camera’s fully charged and with plenty of picture storage.  There is a free charging area in the smart shop but come ready to take lots of pictures!

In the back of the museum, there is an area that has 4 large puzzle games and several dilemma games for visitors to play.  If you have difficulty solving these puzzles, the Smart Shop has smaller versions made out of monkey wood for you to purchase and continue your quest to solve these puzzles!  There are additional games and puzzles to try in the Smart Shop as well.  These challenging games may leave you feeling anything but smart.  Accept the challenge!

Please post pictures and videos after your visit using #moichicago and review the museum on Google and Trip Advisor!