Interactive museums in Chicago

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museum of illusions chicago

Brimming with a variety of hands-on exhibits, interactive museums in Chicago offer visitors the unique opportunity to engage with art, science, history, and culture. These one-of-a-kind spaces showcase everything from legendary athletes to sweet frozen treats to immersive art experiences. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s an interactive museum in Chicago for everyone.

Check out these must-visit interactive museums in Chicago. Museum of Illusions Nestled in the heart of Chicago’s downtown, the Museum of Illusions makes the seemingly impossible a reality with fun visual tricks. At the intersection of entertainment and education, this interactive museum offers more than 80 mind-bending rooms filled with classic and modern optical illusions, from the Beuchet Chair Illusion to stereograms. Enjoy the visually stimulating holograms exhibit, and figure out how the laws of physics apply to the gravity-defying tilted room and vortex tunnel.

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