The Mind-Boggling Museum Of Illusions Is Now Open In Chicago

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Are you ready for an intriguing visual, sensory, and educational experience through unexplored illusions? Chicago’s array of awe-inspiring museums has another addition to add to its eclectic mix and this one is slightly whackier than the rest. The Museum of Illusions has now reopened at 25 East Washington Street offering an interactive, immersive, and, most importantly – incomprehensible experience for all generations.

The mind-bending museum now offers guests the chance to have their brains discombobulated and senses baffled with 80 different bewildering exhibits. Each and every optical illusion is unlike the last as they change with every glance and glimmer leaving your perceptions completely perplexed. Chicago’s brand-new museum is yet another extremely Instagram-friendly option in Chicago but the uniquely absurd arrangements at the Museum of Illusions will offer photo opportunities that you certainly won’t find anywhere else in Illinois. So make sure you come equipped with an efficient camera and prepare to take some befuddling snaps! The collection is made up of educational exhibits all based on math, science, and psychology.

Visitors will start off startled but are prompted to learn about the tricks of perception and how the human brain works through their experience of each exhibit. Mirror infinity rooms, scale-distorting rooms, holograms, a vortex tunnel, and an anti-gravity room are some of the exhibits that await you at the Chicago Museum of Illusions. There will also be Smart Shop where educational toys, 3D lights, and other souvenirs can be purchased.

With a Museum of Illusions already in each of New York, Dallas, and Kansas City, the Chicago Museum of Illusions is one of 6 to come to United States cities as part of the fast-growing Museum of Illusions project that started in Zagreb, Croatia five years ago. Chicago and other museums opening in Orlando, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington will take the total number of these interactive educational museums to over 30 worldwide.

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