81 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Chicago

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Nestled inland in the MidWest, the Windy City is throwing its hat in the ring for the title of the premier American tourist destination. Chicago welcomes some 57.6 million tourists per year, and with such a diverse range of attractions, there’s an itinerary perfect for each and every one of them. Art lovers, rejoice; foodies, celebrate; and history geeks, get excited – because there truly is something for everyone in this sprawling Illinois metropolis — you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to fun things to do in Chicago.

Challenge your mind at the Museum of Illusions One minute, you’re changing size at an alarming rate; the next, you’re happily stumbling your way through a twisting hallway; and moments later, you’re sitting across the table from… yourself!

At the Museum of Illusions, the wonders truly never end. Along with the Vortex Tunnel, the Clone Table, and the shrinking and growing Ames Room, you can explore more than 60 other mind-bending exhibits. In this fascinating space, you’re both the visitor and the test subject!

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