How do gift passes work at the Museum of Illusions Chicago?

When purchasing an admission ticket to the Museum of Illusions Chicago, online ticketing is required and the purchaser must select a specific date and time for entry.  This creates a premier visitor experience at the museum and reduces time waiting in lines; however, it poses a problem when trying to purchase tickets for someone as a gift.  It’s unlikely the purchaser will know what day the gift recipient would like to visit the museum and its even less likely they know what time.

Here is where gift passes come into play.  Gift passes can be purchased without knowing the specific date of use and they never expire.  This makes them perfect for gifts!  Hence the name.  When a gift pass is purchased, within 48 hours the purchaser will receive a code via email from Museum of Illusions Chicago, and the gift recipient will use this code to book admission tickets for the date and time of their choosing.  The gift recipient simply goes to the Museum of Illusions Chicago ticketing page, selects the date and time, selects ticket types, and enters the code at checkout.  The cost of their tickets will become free and they will receive official admission tickets sent to their email.  These admission tickets will have QR codes which will be scanned for entry at the door.

Gift passes must equal or greater the price of admission tickets.  For example, if an Adult gift pass and a Child gift pass are purchased, an Adult ticket and Child ticket must be selected during redemption.  If two Adult gift passes are purchased, they may be redeemed for an Adult ticket and a Student ticket or Child ticket.

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